Reading Room

Here’s where I’ll tell you some of the things I’ve been reading. This won’t be reviews, per se, but will give you some idea of what I’m reading to become inspired!

Hiding in the Spotlight by Karen Booth.

This is a more adult-oriented rock star romance. Alex is a married mother of two who is shocked when her husband leaves her with debt, two traumatized sons, and no indication of where he is or where he’ll be going. Alex turns to David for help and support, never imagining he’s harbored feelings toward her for over a decade.

As they struggle their way through Glenn’s disappearance, Alex learns a great deal about herself, as well as David, and along the way, she might just fall in love with him.

I adored this book. I’ve been hungering for some thirtysomething rock star romances, and Karen more than delivered with two mature, grounded characters who are both always aware of the big picture.

Fantastic work, Karen! Can’t wait to read more from you.

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