Behind the Book: Muse

Hi, there! I know it’s been a while, but I’m still here. Given the choice between writing stories or writing a blog post, I tend to opt for stories, first, but I think I’ve gotten my head above water enough now to do both! Onward into the post now…

Muse was originally the title for a very different story, but that story wasn’t working within my time (and energy) deadlines. I found myself staring at a blank page wondering how to get the theme of this story in my head, while keeping to the spirit of renewal.

Sometimes, I get in my own way a bit.

When I was younger, I worked in the music industry for a while, in my “care and feeding of rock stars” phase. I did everything from working as a production assistant for a major outdoor summer venue, to being a personal assistant to talent, and everything in between.

I’m very drawn to rock star romance, but I tend to like to read about older heroes (30 plus, and yes, that makes me wince too!) and there aren’t as many books about older rock stars out there. Since I’ve always believed in the principle of writing what I’d want to read, I was pretty certain this would be a rock star romance, but I had no idea who, what, or how.

Looking over last year’s NaNoWriMo story (as yet unfinished—so many stories, so little time!) inspired me, and I closed my eyes, imagining what would happen if the very worst thing imaginable happened at a rock concert.
And Muse was transformed.

I’m very lucky to have been able to attend several shows from my favorite band in the last few years, and have been blessed with excellent seats. This weekend, I attended a show and was seated in the front row. Right in front of me was a bank of speakers, about three feet high. The stage was probably four feet in height. Great for leaning on at the end of the show, but I digress.

During the change up between songs the full band played, and several solo spots from the various uber-talented vocalists, a keyboard was brought to the front and several roadies had to work hard and fast to get the keyboard and mic set up. Trust me, these guys work hard and efficiently, and it is usually less than three minutes to do this.

One of the roadies, while setting up the mic stand, took a step backward. He was right at the very edge of the stage, tumbled off headfirst, hit the speakers on his way down, and landed on his back and head. Within a few feet of me. He lay there stunned for a minute or two amidst cries of “don’t move” while several of us rushed over.

It was a very surreal moment. As the roadie shook off the help, I glanced up at the stage and the band members were there, very concerned. Fortunately—very fortunately—roadie Pete was okay and returned to the stage amidst cheers and applause. Thank god he’s okay. If the stage had been only a foot or two higher, or he’d fallen just a little bit differently, I might be typing a much sadder blog post.

It was very surreal and strange when, after a post-concert nosh at a restaurant, a friend brought up Muse, and how strange it was that the book was so close to release. As roadie Pete was just fine, we got into a long discussion about how I’d wondered how I would react when writing Muse, and how I’d reacted more like Blayze than I’d expected.
The opening scene to Muse came to me one evening. I could see it playing out in my head, as if in a movie, where the surreality of the situation. I frantically started writing, hoping to get the scene down before it faded away.

And Muse was born.

Slate isn’t your average rock star, and Blayze isn’t your average fan. The concert incident propels them on the run together, with Slate needing Blayze’s protection. I had no idea what would transpire when I started that first scene, but I absolutely love the finished product.

I hope you do too!

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