In praise of…

We all have heroes or heroines we’re drawn to. I have a particular weakness for the intellectual, maybe a nice guy, but with an air of mystery. Maybe he’s the strong silent type, maybe he’s just a little on the shy side. Maybe he just likes to observe.

Or he could have a secret life. Maybe that mild mannered guy is really a MMA fighter on the weekends. That quiet IT dude in line behind you at the convenience store? Maybe he’s an actor in community theater planning for a production.

There’s something about that intellectual mixed with something else that really intrigues me, especially if it is unexpected.

I also have a complete weakness for musicians and actors. Sure, give me a sexy rock star–goodness knows, I’ve seen a great many in my day. But what about that classical guy putting a modern flair on classical pieces. What about that actor known for his actions roles who actually has awesome Shakesperean chops.

I guess I’m drawn to the different, the unexpected.

What about you?